22lr Ammo Is Making A Comeback Posted: August 7th, 2015

As most of us know, over the last couple of years, finding 22lr ammo at a reasonable price has proven to be a daunting task.  Whether it be a problem created by the neck beard hoarders or some elaborate government conspiracy, we can all agree that something interesting is at play here and whatever it is, it has driven the price of 22lr ammunition up to ridiculously high levels.

22lr Ammo
22lr Ammunition

While we can say with certainty that this 22lr ammunition shortage has been caused by hoarders or maybe we should say; This 22lr ammo shortage has been created by a sudden increase in demand.  Either way,  there has definitely been an explosion in demand and the manufacturers simply can’t keep up.  Its as simple as that.  We see it every day.  Cabelas will have 22lr ammo at 6 to 8 cents a round at 6am EST and within a matter of minutes, its out off stock for the rest of the day.  This stuff is just flying off the shelves and instead of us debating whats causing this, we should be asking WHY?

Are people really that scared they may never be able to buy 22lr ammo again?

Do people really even shoot their 22’s that much?

Why would you need tens of thousands of rounds of 22lr ammo?

These are all valid questions that should be answered however, they may not need to be.  Over the past few weeks we have seen a measurable increase in 22lr ammo at the 8 cent per round price point and even a few more showing up cheaper than that.  Yes we know, 8 cents per round is still an unfair price for plinking ammo but we must remember the fundamentals of supply and demand.  That being said, if you take a look at our trending graphs you can see that the average price per round for 22lr ammunition is making its way closer to “normal” levels.

22lr Ammo Price Trending
22lr Ammo Price Trending

As the graph shows you can see the obvious settling of the chart at 8 cents per round in the last few months.  This indicates sort of a calming down effect in the market and gives us reason to believe that the prices may continue to hold at this new resistance level of 8 cents per round.  However, while the volatility is down this price point is still somewhat high for those of us that are used to seeing it at 4 cents a round a few years ago.  This is going to be a tough pill to swallow, but this may in fact be the new norm.  We guess you could call it ammo inflation.

Well, its been an interesting journey and we have all seen the effects of fear in the ammunition market.  The good news is, we can all clearly see a measurable comeback of 22lr ammunition prices.  While some will continue to buy 22lr ammo at these new price levels, others will continue to stand their ground by not supporting what appears to still be a small amount of price gouging of 22lr ammunition.

2 thoughts on “22lr Ammo Is Making A Comeback”

  1. Ive been making the rounds since I retired to all the Walmarts, Academys and Gander Mountain here in Houston nearly everyday. I pick up some nice quantity and from time to time I sell some on the web but mainly I’m hoarding it as barter for the future when the dollar crashes and the value of the dollar falls by 50% or more. In addition to my silver and gold I also hoard those little pint bottles of Jack and Crown and some of the cheaper stuff too. Believe me when the goose is loose and were all paying $6.00 a gallon at the pump and $5.00 for a gallon of milk you’ll be glad to have barter to fall back on when you can’t get your $$$$ and they stop taking the American greenback at the store.

  2. @spanky – Time to step back, take a deep breath and attempt some self-analysis. You really think that while any resources are available at all and society is actually still functioning that America will shift to a new underground currency primarily comprised of 22 rounds and pint bottles of bourbon? Is that how it worked in the great depression? Is that how it is working in Russia or any of the failing African countries? If you are concerned that our entire economy is going to collapse and want things to barter trying planting some fruit trees and growing vegetables instead so you can at least be part of a solution instead of part of a problem. BTW – if society ever did really degrade, food, water, fuel and medicine would be the barter, bullets would be the means for stealing and stopping stealing, just like they are today…nobody would give them up for trade at that point. I predict the great 22 re-balancing will occur in about 10 years when the cashes of all of you bored and scared retiree hoarders start flooding estate sales on Saturday mornings.

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