22lr Ammo Is Making A Comeback Posted: August 7th, 2015

As most of us know, over the last couple of years, finding 22lr ammo at a reasonable price has proven to be a daunting task.  Whether it be a problem created by the neck beard hoarders or some elaborate government conspiracy, we can all agree that something interesting is at play here and whatever it is, it has driven the price of 22lr ammunition up to ridiculously high levels.

22lr Ammo
22lr Ammunition

While we can say with certainty that this 22lr ammunition shortage has been caused by hoarders or maybe we should say; This 22lr ammo shortage has been created by a sudden increase in demand.  Either way,  there has definitely been an explosion in demand and the manufacturers simply can’t keep up.  Its as simple as that.  We see it every day.  Cabelas will have 22lr ammo at 6 to 8 cents a round at 6am EST and within a matter of minutes, its out off stock for the rest of the day.  This stuff is just flying off the shelves and instead of us debating whats causing this, we should be asking WHY?

Are people really that scared they may never be able to buy 22lr ammo again?

Do people really even shoot their 22’s that much?

Why would you need tens of thousands of rounds of 22lr ammo?

These are all valid questions that should be answered however, they may not need to be.  Over the past few weeks we have seen a measurable increase in 22lr ammo at the 8 cent per round price point and even a few more showing up cheaper than that.  Yes we know, 8 cents per round is still an unfair price for plinking ammo but we must remember the fundamentals of supply and demand.  That being said, if you take a look at our trending graphs you can see that the average price per round for 22lr ammunition is making its way closer to “normal” levels.

22lr Ammo Price Trending
22lr Ammo Price Trending

As the graph shows you can see the obvious settling of the chart at 8 cents per round in the last few months.  This indicates sort of a calming down effect in the market and gives us reason to believe that the prices may continue to hold at this new resistance level of 8 cents per round.  However, while the volatility is down this price point is still somewhat high for those of us that are used to seeing it at 4 cents a round a few years ago.  This is going to be a tough pill to swallow, but this may in fact be the new norm.  We guess you could call it ammo inflation.

Well, its been an interesting journey and we have all seen the effects of fear in the ammunition market.  The good news is, we can all clearly see a measurable comeback of 22lr ammunition prices.  While some will continue to buy 22lr ammo at these new price levels, others will continue to stand their ground by not supporting what appears to still be a small amount of price gouging of 22lr ammunition.

Jeff Barquin Joins AmmoSpy Posted: August 6th, 2015

Jeff Barquin
Jeff Barquin

As we seek to improve exposure and attempt to take AmmoSpy to the next level, we set out to find a precision marksman.  One who is a leader.  One with an exceptional attitude and a willingness to progress.  One who is not only interested in becoming a better shooter, but one who strives to become a better example for other shooters.

We are proud to announce that AmmoSpy has officially sponsored shooter Jeff Barquin.  He has recently proven himself as a fierce contender in the 3 gun community.  With years of experience and a respectable fundamental shooting style, Jeff Barquin really knows how to charge through the stages.  You can see the drive in his eyes as he swiftly progresses through each portion of the stage with a calm and calculated demeanor.  Jeff has a knack for maintaining his composure in the heat of the stages, not only to reduce mistakes but to ensure the flawless execution of fundamentals.

Jeff Barquin – Stage 8 – 3GN Eastern Regional

Video no longer available

I had a great time shooting with squad 11 (instead of RO’ing this time). It was a tough adjustment for me.  I wasn’t used to the extra time waiting to shoot in the afternoon on Saturday. As a result I was too keyed up and didn’t shoot as well as I could.  Sunday was a better day. In spite of some malfunctions, I fought through and finished 35 out of 160 which was better than I expected.

Jeff Barquin
Jeff Barquin

Its always a pleasure to watch Jeff in action.  His great attitude and passion for this sport truly resonates through those around him, making it an honor to have him apart of the team.  We expect to see more great things from Jeff in the future and will continue to support him in his journey as a 3 gunner and expert marksman.  Be sure to stay tuned for more updates and videos and follow us as we grow our ever increasing community of shooters.

In closing, we’d like to thank Jeff for representing AmmoSpy and we want to go ahead and give a shout out to some of Jeffs other supporters: Barns Precision Machine, Hiperfire, Weaponcraft LLC and Leupold.  See, we’re not the only ones with our eye on Jeff.