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    img While our email alerts system has been a great success, we have received many requests for an on-site alert system to go along with it. Well, We are proud to announce that our on-site alert system is now active! Simply login / sign-up and add your alerts. By default the Alert Manager already has on-site alerts enabled. You will also have the ability to quickly disable, mute and demo the on-site alerts straight from the Alert Manager at the top of every page on AmmoSpy. So go ahead and give it a shot, and please feel free to contact us and give us your feedback.
    April 9th, 2014
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  • While we would consider this "Designer Ammo" due to its visual appeal and steep price, we still think its a pretty cool idea and thought it was worth sharing. Each bullet is individually CNC machined which is probably the primary reason for the high price, but is necessary to ensure consistency with such precise and advanced concept. This round consists of a 96gr projectile that will consistently fragment into 8 individual trocars on impact, creating a devastating wound channel. It is said to defeat known barriers like sheet metal, sheet rock, windshields and plywood. Wouldn't you hate to be on the receiving end of this? For more information on this round check them out at www.g2rip.com.
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  • The graphs below are based on the average price per round for the caliber shown. Our algorithm no longer includes specialty ammo or steel case ammo in the calculation. This is necessary to ensure a more accurate representation of pricing trends. To view graphs of other popular calibers please check out our trending page.
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