PolyCase Inceptor ARX Ammo Posted: October 24th, 2015

As time goes on and technology improves, we often see new ammo hit the market that advertises some form of “new technology”. More often than not this new advanced ammo also has a rather advanced price point. We like to call this designer ammo. Now don’t take this the wrong way, we enjoy every bit of this. We believe, as with anything, it’s important to explore new ideas whether they may seem radical or not. Most of you have seen the hyped up R.I.P. Ammo developed by G2 Research. Very cool, very effective but very expensive. However, it does have it’s place.

PolyCase Inceptor ARX Ammo
PolyCase Inceptor ARX Ammo

Now to the point. We wanted to showcase a round that we feel hasn’t been hyped nearly as much as the R.I.P. Ammo but certainly has it’s place for an effective defense round and may even be a great choice for 3 gunners looking for a lighter weight ammo. We present to you, PolyCase® Inceptor™ ARX™ Ammo. These patent-pending polymer-copper injection-molded Cu/P™ bullets are loaded to SAAMI specifications to achieve higher velocities than most other self-defense bullets through advanced design and precision engineering. Their unique shape mitigates several of the inherent disadvantages of hollow-point rounds, such as clogging with debris or clothing, and feed ramp issues. Inceptor ARX® cartridges are designed to function in all weapons.

Ok, so that sounds good and all but how does this ammo perform?  We know it’s very light weight.  It’s not frangible.  It doesn’t expand.  What exactly will this ammo do when it impacts its target?  We have found a great video on Youtube that should answer these important questions.

As you can see, the PolyCase Inceptor ammo proves to be a great addition to the market for available defense ammunition. It has perfect penetration with a larger early wound channel and appears to have been designed to tumble in the later stages of the impact. The lighter weight of the round would also be ideal for those trying to decrease the overall weight of their concealed carry rig.  Although it is rather expensive, it’s certainly worth a look and definitely worth shooting as it may in fact be the perfect fit for your application. So where can you get it? Well, we do know of a great Ammunition Search Engine that just so happens to have quite a bit of it listed >> Find PolyCase Inceptor Ammo.